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COVID-19 update

Following the COVID-19 shutdown in the UK, the NCAP Digitisation Team returned to 5-day operations in September 2020. Some of our on-site services continue to be affected, however, as they rely on staff having access to our building and collections.


Unaffected Services

  •     Our website, including imagery and finding aids
  •     Online sales of images and subscriptions
  •     Online enquiries for research advice
  •     Orders for Research Copies
  •     Orders for Paid Image Searches
  •     On-demand digitisation (with extended delivery timescales)

Suspended Services

  •     Search room
  •     Telephone and postal enquiries

Orders are now accepted for on-demand digitisation. Due to quarantine restrictions necessary to ensure staff safety when handling records, orders now take longer to prepare, digitise and deliver. Please see our revised timescales.


Enforced home-working has enabled us to increase our cataloguing efforts. From April to November, our team catalogued over 140,000 aerial images. We are now working to make these available on our website.

6 November 2020